Offset, Horizontal, Vertical & UDS Smoker gasket seal mods

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How to gasket your Offset Smoke Hollow Pro, Oklahoma Joe Longhorn, Hasty Bake, Yoder, Horizon, Brinkmann, Landman or UDS Ugly Drum Smokers. Gaskets, toggle clamps etc.

Easy to install cook chamber lid and fire box gasket mods that will seal up your leaky smoker!  

Please select the appropriate self stick or gasket kit for your UDS, custom or OEM smoker.  These kits use a specially cut gasket, sized with the appropriate width for your grill. 

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Smoke Hollow

Fits ALL Smoke Hollow models:  verticle, offset and grill models.  This kit takes all the work out of gasketing a Smoke Hollow.  No loosening of glue & we inlude a food safe RTV adhesive that will not melt and will last. Firebox option is for Smoke Hollow with side fire box.

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Oklahoma Joe Longhorn side offset smoker

Fits all Okalahoma smokers. Kit inlcudes the correct width gasket and a specially made, food safe, RTV adhesive that wont melt or fail. (1/2" kit)  Also fits New Braunfels, Highland Longhorn, old country wrangler etc. (firebox gasket is for units with side firebox)

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Hasty Bake, Yoder and Horizon grill gasket kits

Seal up the lid on that leaky Hasty-Bake, Yoder or Horizon. (1" kit).  Fits Hasty-Bake models: Hastings, Portable, 304, Suburban, Fiesta, Legacy, Conventional, stainless, Gourmet & others! Fits Yoder: Abilene, Cheyenne, Wichita, Stockton or Kingman. Fits all Horizon models including Ranger. Works awesome!

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Brinkmann Smoker gasket, DuPont(tm) Nomex® Meta-Aramid self stick tape, wool or rtv kits. Also fits Dyna-Glo and other verticals.

Works perfectly to seal up leaky Brinkmanns.

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UDS smoker lid gasket.  Available in 1/2", 3/4" or 1" wide.  Self stick or RTV adhesive. 1/8" thick.  Lid and base or lid only. 

Review:  "I have done a few cooks on the drum and it seals up beautifully...even better than expected. I had to make a few minor adjustments to the lid but the gasket is doing a great job. There is no way I would have got that lid to seal without that gasket. I also really like the nice "thud" I get when closing the lid instead of a "clank", but that's just the bonus. :) Thanks again for all your help. I will definitely be using you guys again!" -Toby, Seymour, IN

UDS Sizes

Toggle Latch & Gasket Mod

Fits Brinkmann Trailmaster and other popular offset, reverse flow or vertical smokers.

Our toggle latch clamp & gasket kits firmly secure the cook chamber lid, creating a air tight seal.  This makes temp control low, slow and stable. The clamps and gasket are a perfect match, rated to 500F.  (note: Brinkmann Trailmaster holds nicely at 225F with this kit)

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This kit does a great job of sealing up the huge gap on the clamshell style lid.  Contact for Duo model.

Chargriller gasket kit

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UDS complete smoker kit. Build your own Ugly Drum Smoker!!!  (55 gal barrel not included)

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